A simple generation of stereographic image using Z-buffer

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Byounghyun Yoo and Soonhung Han, Society of CAD/CAM Engineers Annual Conference, Seoul, Korea, pp.289-296, February 9, 2001.

Abstract: In 3D computer graphics, especially entertainments, game, CAD, 3D graphic design, virtual reality and simulation, the stereography is used to augment the sense of presence or to increase three-dimensional effects. The stereography is one of methods to represent artificial image in three-dimension. But all conventional three-dimensional stereographic image generation methods require the amount of computation, which is twice the amount for generating non-stereo image. This results in considerable restrictions in use of stereographic images in three-dimensional real-time rendering. This paper has been made from the observation of the above problem. The objective of this paper is to provide a method for generating a stereographic image using the Z-buffer, where two planar images required for generation of the stereographic image are created through generation of one image and simple additional tasks which are based on the created two-dimensional image, color information, and depth information stored in the Z-buffer. Compared to the conventional three-dimensional stereographic image generation method, which requires twice the amount of computer calculation time of the non-stereo image generation method, the present method can readily and rapidly generate the stereographic image through the simple algorithm without doubling the calculation load of the computer.

Keywords:  scientific visualization, computer graphics, 3D, stereography, Z-buffer

Korean title: Z-버퍼를 이용한 스테레오영상 생성방법 (한국CAD/CAM학회 학술발표회 논문집)

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